Cirrus Cloud Computing


We provide fully managed cloud adoption services, helping customers with the planning and implementation of the latest cloud technologies. We also offer cloud migration services & project management to customers moving to or from the cloud.
Our engineering team has professional experience and a deep understanding of the latest cloud-based technologies used in the small business and enterprise today, including public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.
We offer ongoing strategic consulting or we can fully manage your cloud services for you. Our goal is to create the optimal cloud environment, built to fit the unique needs of your business.

Cloud Services

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Remote Data Backup
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Software as a service (Office 365, Cloud ERP and other third party apps)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud Storage
  • Long term data storage
  • Online Disaster Recovery
  • Hosted Server access
  • Email Archiving & Spam filtering services
  • Desktop monitoring
  • Cloud Partnerships & Solutions



    Cloud-services offered by Cirrus are fully scalable. Your cloud solutions and services will be catered specifically to your business.


    Replace traditional software licensing upgrades with automatic version updates when using software as a service. By doing this, worrying about software updates will become a thing of the past.


    Cloud service costs will remain predictable through a fixed monthly fee.


    Cloud services are highly secure. Security of service becomes the responsibility of the vendor, and not the client.

    Business Continuity

    Cloud services are reliable, with 99.9% service and application availability guaranteed.


    This is a mobile world, meaning your employees expect to access everything from everywhere. Our cloud services provide this without the CAPEX investment.


    Cloud storage is significantly cheaper than traditional on-premise storage, and it includes geographic redundancy.