Cirrus Managed Continuity

Common issues we help you solve include:

> Data loss
> Email not working
> Systems crashing
> Theft of data, PCs, or laptops
> Staff unable to work due to server issues
> Fire or flood damage to IT equipment
> Virus attacks
> No access to files

Why is it so effective?

Managed workstation offers three services which are all designed to increase your protection, keeping your business safe and helping you to sleep easy

> Lost revenue
> Drain on resources
> Unhappy customers
> Frustrated staff
> Cost of resolving issues
> Reduction in service levels

Availability Monitoring

Anti-virus, connectivity and back-up
Regular reports and health checks
Keeps you connected

Recovery Management

Data, archive and continuity services
Vulnerability and virus management
Get you up and running

System Risk Consulting

Quarterly risk audit
Planning and testing
Reduces risk of downtime

Ready to get started?

Getting your systems protected is easy. There is no hardware to install or any training required. Simply give our Managed Continuity team a call now and they will have your IT safe and secure in no time.
You can either go for a complete solution consisting of all three services, or take a step at a time. It’s ideally suited to small and medium sized businesses that don’t have either the in-house capability or deep pockets of larger organizations.