The Cirrus IP Voice Hosted VoIP solution provides an Enterprise-grade business phone system with many additional benefits you don’t get with traditional PBX systems. In the past few years it has become increasingly more popular, and is now widely regarded as the future of business telephone systems.

Hosted VoIP replaces expensive phone systems, installation, handsets, POT’s lines and PRI’s, with a cost efficient alternative. There are no upfront fees and through our close partnership with our trading partners you can enjoy nearly unlimited nationwide long distance calls and extremely low cost international Long distance & MARSAT charges.

A Hosted VoIP solution is fully scalable and offers complete flexibility, meaning that the infrastructure will grow with your business and any changes you wish to implement are easily made through our online portal. VoIP offers economies of scale, complete flexibility, better off-site working and hundreds of value-added features. Not to mention the solution is completely mobile, if disaster strikes simply pickup your handsets and move to the new location with internet and you’re back in business. If you don’t have access to your handsets, not to worry we have softphones that can get your group up in running in seconds.

Cirrus VoIP

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The SIP-T46G is Yealink latest revolutionary IP Phone for executive users and business professionals. New designs appears the commerce, with high resolution TFT color display, delivering a rich visual experience. Yealink Optima HD technology enables rich, clear, life-like voice communications. Supports Gigabit Ethernet, a variety of device connections, including EHS headset and USB. With programmable keys, the IP Phone supports vast productivity-enhancing features.


The SIP-T48G is Yealink’s most recent innovative IP Phone for a fast-changing world. Designed specifically for both local and international use by business, industry and commerce, it incorporates a large touch panel that makes switching between different screens and applications swift, easy and convenient. Yealink’s Optima HD technology very carefully creates the impression that you are sitting virtually face-to-face opposite the person at the other end of the call. The T48G is also built for the Gigabit Ethernet and facilitates very rapid call handling and the application of accessories such as a Bluetooth USB Dongle, plus wired and wireless headsets.


The SIP-T42G is a feature-rich SIP phone for business. The 3-Line IP Phone has been designed by pursuing ease-of-use in even the tiniest details. Delivering a superb sound quality, as well as rich visual experience. Supports seamless migration to GigE-based network infrastructure. With programmable keys, the IP Phone supports vast productivity-enhancing features. It also uses standard encryption protocols to perform highly secure remote provisioning and software upgrades.


  • Account-Authorization Codes
  • ANI/CLI Customizations
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Authentication by Digest
  • Busy Lamp Field
  • Call Forwarding
    • Call Forwarding Always
    • Call Forwarding Busy
    • Call Forwarding No Answer
    • Call Forwarding Not Reachable
    • Find Me (multiple numbers)
    • Sync with Server
  • Call Logs (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Call Monitoring
    • Automatic Recording
    • Supervising Mode
    • Silent Monitoring
  • Call Notify
  • Call Pick Up
    • Call Pick Up Department
    • Call Pick Up Domain
    • Directed Call Pickup
  • Call Recording
  • Call Return
  • Call Status (Real-time in User Portal)
  • Call Transfer
    • Attended Transfer
    • Blind Transfer
    • Intercom Transfer
    • Transfer to Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking
  • Calling Name Retrieval
  • CDRs
  • Charge or Billing Number
  • Client Call Control (API and User Portal)
  • Conferencing (Multi-Way Calling)
    • Convene Conference
    • Invite Attendees
    • Multiple Conference Rooms
    • Scheduled/Instant Conference
    • Web-based Setup
  • Device Auto Provisioning
  • Direct Inward Dialing
  • Directed Call Park
  • Directed Call Pickup
  • Diversion Inhibitor
  • Do Not Disturb
    • Sync with Server
  • Extension Dialing
  • External Calling Line ID Delivery
  • Hunt Groups
  • In-Call Service Activation
  • Instant Messaging (via SIP SIMPLE)
  • Intercom
  • Internal Calling Line ID Delivery
  • Last Number Redial
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Music-On-Hold
    • System Default Music-on-Hold
    • Personalized Music-on-Hold
  • Phone Status
  • Presence
  • Privacy
  • Selective Call Acceptance
  • Selective Call Rejection
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Shared Call Appearance
  • Three-Way Call
  • Two-Stage Dialing
  • Video Telephony
  • Voicemail
    • Default Greetings
    • Customizable Greetings
    • Name Recording
    • Email Notification
    • Voicemail Forwarding
    • Forwarding to Email
    • User Portal (View, Save Delete)
    • Voice Messaging Group
    • Voice Messaging Call Back
  • Web User Portal
    • Contact List with Presence
    • Click to Call
    • Inbound Call Handling Rules
    • Screen Pops
  • ACD
  • Auto Attendants
    • Personal Auto Attendants
    • Scheduled Auto Attendant
    • Chained Auto Attendants
  • Barge In
  • Business Trunking
  • Call Intercept
  • Call Park
    • Directed
    • Dynamic
  • Calling Group ID Deliver
  • Configurable Extension Dialing
  • Configurable Feature Codes
  • Configurable Directories
  • Device Inventory
  • Department Support
  • Group Announcements
  • Group Custom Ringback
  • Group Instant Messaging
  • Hot Desking
  • Hoteling
  • Hunt Groups
  • Instant Group Call
  • Listen In
  • Office Manager Portal (Web portal)
    • Active Calls
    • Auto Attendant Designer
    • Call Records
    • Call Statistics
    • Conference Bridge Configuration
    • Device provisioning
    • Moves, Adds, Changes
    • Music on Hold Upload
    • Queue Management
    • Voicemail Management
  • Night Mode
  • Paging
  • Simultaneous Ring (group)

Cirrus V-Fax (Virtual Faxing)

The Cirrus Virtual Fax service delivers faxes directly to your email inbox as a PDF document and sends faxes directly from your computer – no need for printing! No need for an additional Fax hard-line!

Whether your fax document contains dense text with embedded images or is being sent as a Word doc, PDF or JPG, our TDM-based network ensures that it arrives quickly, every time. You can choose whether to fax over the Internet, from Microsoft Outlook or from our standalone desktop client.


Fixed Wireless Access

Cirrus Communications delivers a customer service oriented, proven, high quality, high speed, reliable broadband service that enables business clients and residential customers the ability to take full advantage of the Internet in a cost effective manner whether it is for mission critical, educational, or entertainment reasons.

The Cirrus Fixed Wireless Access solution is designed to provide broadband and data solutions to both residential and business users in not only the city, but rural and urban areas as well. The service is designed to be ideal for your primary or backup solution. The Cirrus solution is built to be “Turn Key” with a simple install by one of our technicians or a Cirrus certified reseller. Since we control every aspect of our solution it allows us to provide highly scalable and affordable internet access for our customers.

We offer a number of packages to suit your individual requirements. We do our best to provide extremely competitive low prices and exceptional service. Whatever size business you run we have the broadband package for you.

With our offices centrally located in Mobile Alabama, we are in an ideal position to provide an excellent service to clients. In addition to providing a great service we have a highly efficient Helpdesk Hotline to quickly assist you with any issues that arise.

The deployment of these high speed service platforms, in addition to our reliability, and strong customer support ensures Cirrus Communications is a formidable player as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the markets that we provide service.

Static IP Address

Our system is highly flexible, so we can offer single IP address or address ranges. There is an additional cost for larger blocks of IP addresses.

Fast Installation

No surprise delays in the install because the carrier has forgotten to cross a T or dot an I. For FWA ,we handle every aspect of our install and have no reliance on landline carriers.

Internet Speed

Our Fixed Wireless solution is one of the fastest technologies you can buy on the market today. Up to five times faster than most DSL products.


As your business grows we can adapt the bandwidth to fit your needs. No need to upgrade the equipment on site, as we install scalable equipment with every install.

Cirrus Broadband Services

Cirrus Communications delivers a customer-service oriented, proven, high quality, high speed, and reliable broadband service that enables business clients and residential customers the ability to take full advantage of the Internet in a cost effective manner whether it is for mission critical, educational, or entertainment reasons.

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Benefits Include:

  • Fast installation – No surprise delays in the install because the carrier has forgot to cross a T
  • Symmetrical – Same high speed up and down
  • Static IP address – Single IP address or address ranges can be provided
  • No usage limits – Use as much as you want with no extra charges
  • Resilience – In the event of a fixed network outage, your Wireless services will be up
  • Always On – 24/7 wireless broadband Internet access
  • Speed – 5 times faster than most DSL services
  • Fixed Rate billing – The price we quote is the price you pay. No hidden fees
  • Scalability – As your business grows we can adapt the bandwidth to fit your needs
Disaster Recovery:

The Cirrus Fixed Wireless Solution is a great alternative for Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity coverage. You can implement our wireless FWA solution in addition to your primary provider. If your existing firewall has the ISP failover option our engineers can assist in setting this up. In the event your equipment is not capable of ISP failover, we can provide low cost alternative firewalls that will do the job.

Point to Point:

We also offer point to point fixed wireless solutions if you have two offices with line of sight that you need networked together.

Fixed Wireless Security Cameras:

Our Cirrus solution allows you to shoot a wireless internet connection to cameras mounted remotely with power or solar power to allow you to monitor the camera without the need of installing a direct wired internet connection.

Wireless in hard to reach locations:

We can provide the fixed wireless to locations traditional ISP’s cannot service, like docks, remote locations, and islands.

Plans not available online

Contact us today to find out how we can service your business.

Contact Sales | 251.661.2118
E-Mail | sales@cirruscom.net

Plans not available online

Contact us today to find out how we can service your home.

Contact Sales | 251.661.2118
E-Mail | sales@cirruscom.net

Key Aspects of Fixed Wireless Broadband

  • Deployed using rates up to 100Mb,
  • Operates under all weather conditions and in most terrains
  • Professionally Installed Equipment
  • In many cases service can be turned up within days of an order
  • No Landlines
  • High Bandwidth
  • Symmetrical Speed
  • Last mile Access
  • Alternative to DSL or Cable
  • Failover ISP Service


Requirements for our Fixed Wireless Services

  • Requires Line of Sight
  • Cirrus Install includes the placement of a “Cirrus Owned Subscriber Unit” on the roof or wall of the customer’s premises. You will need permission from the building owner or management to install equipment.
  • For your protection we recommend a firewall solution be in place, if you need assistance on this our engineering team can assist.