Cirrus Business Broadband

Cirrus offers an extensive portfolio of Business Broadband services to match the needs of your business or remote offices. We advise on the optimal broadband service for each location, ensuring you get the service that fits your requirements. Our strategic partnerships with all of the major carriers in the United States and abroad allow us to deploy broadband internet services anywhere in the world.
Our team of engineers have over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications & IT industry. As a result, we are able to offer and support broadband services in even the most remote of locations.
At Cirrus Communications, we are continuously growing our own Fiber over Ethernet & Fixed Point wireless networks in Mobile, Alabama and the Eastern Shore. Through our strategic partnerships, we also offer a wide range of connectivity options including, but not limited to, Ethernet over Fiber, Traditional T1’s, T3 ‘s & DSL, Ethernet over Copper, Fixed point Wireless, Satellite, and Cable Broadband.
Cirrus Communications LLC is a CLEC “Competitive Local Exchange Carrier”. This makes us a true telephone company, which allows us to interconnect with AT&T, as well as other carriers. Between our owned networks and the vast reach of our partner networks, we have you covered.

Cirrus Broadband Services

Cirrus Communications delivers a customer service oriented, proven, high quality, high speed, reliable broadband service that enables business clients and residential customers the ability to take full advantage of the Internet in a cost effective manner, whether it is for mission critical, educational, or entertainment reasons.

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Benefits Include:

  • Fast installation – No surprise delays in the install because the carrier has forgotten to cross a T.
  • Symmetrical – Same high speed up and down.
  • Static IP address – Single IP address or address ranges can be provided
  • No usage limits – Use as much as you want with no extra charges.
  • Resilience – In the event of a fixed network outage, your wireless services will be up
  • Always On – 24/7 wireless broadband Internet access
  • Speed – 5 times faster than most DSL services.
  • Fixed Rate billing – The price we quote is the price you pay. No hidden fees.
  • Scalability – As your business grows we can adapt the bandwidth to fit your needs.
Disaster Recovery:

The Cirrus Fixed Wireless Solution is a great alternative for disaster recovery or business continuity coverage. You can implement our wireless FWA solution in addition to your primary provider. If your existing firewall has the ISP fail-over option, our engineers can assist in setting this up. Or in the event your equipment is not capable of ISP fail-over, we can provide low cost alternative firewalls that will do the job.

Point to Point:

We also offer point to point fixed wireless solutions if you have two offices with line of sight that you need networked together.

Fixed Wireless Security Cameras:

Our Cirrus solution allows you to shoot a wireless internet connection to cameras mounted remotely with power or solar power to allow you to monitor the camera without the need of installing a direct wired internet connection.

Wireless in Hard to Reach Locations:

We can provide the fixed wireless connection to locations traditional ISP’s cannot service, like docks, remote locations, and islands.

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Why Choose Cirrus?

  • Experienced Engineers & Support Technicians
  • Flexible infrastructure options
  • A Security 1st approach to installations
  • We can support you beyond the D-Mark
  • Accountability & Reliability
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Emergency Support Services
It’s simple, you are more than just revenue to us. After the sale, most major carriers will pass you on to their international call center where you will be tossed into the mix with 500k other customers. When your Internet goes down and your business is losing money, plan to spend your next two hours on hold with your provider giving them your account number, your telephone number, and EIN number over and over to at last be connected with a tier 1 support technician that is simply there to open a ticket and has no idea how long a resolution will take. At Cirrus, we take your business personal. This means if you are down, we are down. We manage the process until the Internet circuit has returned to a normal state. If necessary, we will send a technician out to your location to troubleshoot any physical issues.

Static IP Address

Our system is highly flexible, so we can offer single IP address or address ranges. There is an additional cost for larger blocks of IP addresses.

Fast Installation

No surprise delays in the installation process due to carrier carelessness. For business broadband, we handle every aspect of our install and have no reliance on landline carriers.

Internet Speed

Our Business Broadband solution is one of the fastest technologies you can buy on the market today. It’s up to five times faster than most DSL products.


As your business grows we can adapt the bandwidth to fit your needs. No need to upgrade the equipment on site, as we install scalable equipment with every install.

Key Aspects of Business Broadband

  • Deployed using rates up to 100Mb,
  • Operates under all weather conditions and in most terrains
  • Professionally Installed Equipment
  • In many cases service can be turned up within days of an order
  • High Bandwidth
  • Symmetrical Speed
  • Fail-over ISP Service

Make the Switch

If you are ready to increase productivity at the office, Cirrus Business Broadband is for you. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us. We are always listening and ready to satisfy new customers.