Fixed Wireless Access


Cirrus Communications delivers a customer-service oriented, proven, high quality, high speed, reliable broadband service that enables business clients and residential customers the ability to take full advantage of the Internet in a cost effective manner, whether it is for mission-critical, educational, or entertainment reasons.
The Cirrus Fixed Wireless Access solution is designed to provide broadband and data solutions to both residential and business users in not only the city, but rural and urban areas as well. The service is designed to be ideal for your primary or backup solution. The Cirrus solution is built to be “Turn Key” with a simple install by one of our technicians or a Cirrus certified reseller. Since we control every aspect of our solution, it allows us to provide highly scalable and affordable internet access for our customers.

We offer a number of packages to suit your individual requirements. We do our best to provide extremely competitive low prices and exceptional service. Whatever size business you run, we have the broadband package for you.

With our offices centrally located in Mobile, Alabama, we are in an ideal position to provide an excellent service to clients. In addition to providing a great service, we have a highly efficient Helpdesk Hotline to quickly assist you with any issues that arise.

The deployment of these high speed service platforms, in addition to our reliability, and strong customer support ensures Cirrus Communications is a formidable player as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the markets that we provide service.

Static IP Address

Our system is highly flexible, so we can offer single IP address or address ranges. There is an additional cost for larger blocks of IP addresses.

Fast Installation

No surprise delays in the install because the carrier has forgotten to cross a T or dot an I. For FWA, we handle every aspect of our install and have no reliance on landline carriers.

Internet Speed

Our Fixed Wireless solution is one of the fastest technologies you can buy on the market today. It is up to five times faster than most DSL products.


As your business grows, we can adapt the bandwidth to fit your needs. There is no need to upgrade the equipment on site as we install scalable equipment with every install.

Key Aspects of Fixed Wireless Broadband

  • Deployed using rates up to 100Mb,
  • Operates under all weather conditions and in most terrains
  • Professionally Installed Equipment
  • In many cases service can be turned up within days of an order
  • No Landlines
  • High Bandwidth
  • Symmetrical Speed
  • Last Mile Access
  • Alternative to DSL or Cable
  • Failover ISP Service


Requirements for our Fixed Wireless Services

  • Requires Line of Sight
  • Cirrus install includes the placement of a “Cirrus Owned Subscriber Unit” on the roof or wall of the customer’s premises. You will need permission from the building owner or management to install equipment.
  • For your protection, we recommend a firewall solution be put in place. If you need assistance on this our engineering team can assist.