Cirrus Fiber

Fiber optics are the way of the future. As opposed to traditional metal cables, fiber optic cables are made up of glass threads. These cables and their technology literally transmit data at the speed of light. Fiber optic services are becoming more and more popular and readily available every day. With multiple benefits including security, speed, less interference, durability, and more, fiber is the best solution to meet your ever growing bandwidth and internet speed needs.


Fiber Advantages

> Dedicated static bandwidth 24/7
> Extremely reliable
> Up to 1000 Mbps download speeds
> Resistance to electromagnetic interference
> More durability underground
> Ability to increase bandwidth instantly

Cirrus has over 5 years experience in the installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks.

That’s not all…

At Cirrus, we take hardware very seriously. With over 50 partnerships with global hardware companies and vendors, we can guarantee the best hardware solutions for you and your growing business. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about what Cirrus has to offer.